National conference on Aquaculture and Fisheries Sciences 2019

As of activities of the Can Tho University Improvement Project (2017-2022) supported by JICA, and as annual conference of the university, Can Tho University organizes the “National Conference on Aquaculture and Fisheries Sciences 2019” on December 11 2019, at College of Aquaculture and Fisheries, Can Tho Univerisity.

The conference covers the following sessions which are also the research themes  of the project.  
   1) Climate change: Impacts and adaptation in aquaculture and fisheries
   2) Green technology innovation for aquaculture
   3) Fisheries Resources management and Conservation
   4) Quality improvement of fisheries/aquaculture products
   5) Environmental monitoring for aquaculture and fisheries
   6) Biochemistry and pharmaceutical science in aquaculture and fisheries
   7) Engineering and information technology development and application in aquaculture and fisheries
   8) Fisheries socio-economics and management

Totally, 26 selected papers from 68 scientific works are presented at the conference.
The conference gathers around 150 participants from Can Tho University and other Universities in Vietnam, local provincial departments, companies, JICA advisors and international experts.

This is an important event to exchange the achievements in scientific research and technology development as well as to promote further collaboration among the Universities, the State organizations and the Companies in education, research and technology transfer in the region.

Detailed program of the conference is available here

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