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  National collaboration

CAF has joined education and research activities with over 10 universities and research institutes in Vietnam such as Nha Trang University, Nong Lam University, Ha Noi Agricultural University, Research Institute for Aquaculture No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3,…. Recently, CAF also has joined Vietnam Fisheries and Aquaculture Institution Network (ViFINET). CAF also has closely cooperation to different local and international companies in Viet Nam which

CAF has strong collaborations to more than 20 international universities and institutions worldwide, especially the following partners:

- Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)

- Kasersat University (KU - Thailand)

- Prince of Songkla University (PSU – Thailand)

- Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya (RMUTSV - Thailand)

- Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT - Malaysia)

- Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM – Malaysia)

- Airlangga  Universiti (AU- Indonesia)

- Kagoshima University (Japan)

- Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (Japan)

- Nagashaki University (Japan)

- Osaka University (Japan)

- Hokkaido University (Japan)

- National Taiwan Oceanology University (NTOU – Taiwan)

- National Penghu University of Technology (NPU- Taiwan)

- Ghent University (Belgium)

- Namur University (Belgium)

- Wageningen University (The Netherland),

- University of Aarhus (Denmark)

- Stirling University (Scotland)

- Auburn University (AU-USA)

- Michigan State University (MSU – USA)

- Network of Aquaculture in Asia and Pacific (NACA)

- European Union (EU)

- Res. Inst. for Fish Culture and Irrigation (Hungary)

- Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

- NAGAO (Japan)

Dynamic activities of collaboration have been being carried out such as: joint research projects, facility and menpower capacity strengthening projects, higher education of students and staffs, student and staff exchange, short training and  technology transfer, joint symposium, joint publication…







 ASEAN Fisheries Education Network - ASEAN-FEN

In order to strengthen and promote collaboration in education, research, information exchange as well as staff and student exchange in aquaculture and fisheries among ASEAN countries and with other international institutions and organizations for sustainable development of aquaculture and fisheries in the region, nine Universities including Can Tho University (Vietnam), Kasetsart University (Thailand), Nong Lam University (Viet Nam), Prince of Songkla University (Thailand), Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya (Thailand), Universitas Airlangga (Indonesia), Universitas Brawijaya (Indonesia), Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (Malaysia), Universiti Sains Malaysia (Malaysia) has jointly established and made the Declaration of the  ASEAN Fisheries Education Network (ASEAN-FEN) on 30 October 2014 during the International Fisheries Symposium – IFS2014, Surabaya, Indonesia. Please visit the website ( for further information about the ASEAN-FEN. 

As the results, IFS will be one of important activities of the ASEAN-FEN which will be co-organized by the nine core universities every year. Please visit the annual IFS websites for further information

IFS 2011 - Malaysia

IFS 2012 - Viet Nam

IFS 2013 - Thailand

IFS 2014 - Indonesia

IFS 2015 - Malaysia

IFS 2016 - Viet Nam




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